Western Australia 2016

This was to be the first spring I had ever spent in Western australia and I was looking forward to seeing the wide range of plants flowering at this time of year. I was not disappointed!!

Mid September I arrived in Perth. Spending a few days in the city, it was my oppotunity to spend some quality time in Kings Park Botainc Gardens and Bold Park, a bushland branch of the park. Both were fascinating at this time of year, with so much to see. Although I have visited the superb native gardens at Kings Park many times over the years, this was this first time I have seen so many native orchids growing within their bushland areas. Large amounts of Caladenia flava (Cowslip Orchid) and Caladenia latifolia (Pink Fairy Orchid) can be seen all over. Diuris brumalis (Donkey Orchid) is another common sight in the area, but the biggest thrill comes from ocassional sightings of Caladenia longicauda (the White Spider orchid)


Caladenia latifolia
Caladenia flava
Caladenia longicauda

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